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March 29, 2015

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Daryl Saari

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Veretekk is all about "Spam free" marketing. For years as other systems used a single email verification process, Veretekk went further to employ a double-opt in model that prevented 100% of false submissions from ever getting on a member's email list. Furthermore, Veretekk is the only provider of permission based email marketing services that provides the public a simple email lookup tool that lists the date/time and IP address of each submission to the system from that account... along with local and global opt-out functions to prevent abuse.

We take ethial online marketing seriously... Veretekk's terms of service include strict anti-spam requirements. No one likes receiving unsolicited email. Plus, from a marketing perspective... untargeted bulk email blasting simply doesn't work! For those looking for that type of system, we encourage you to engage in the Veretekk community and you will find out about a wide range of other techniques that no only respect people's privacy, but actually produce successful results for your business!

VereMail verification systems. There are, however, a range of applications for which bulk emailing still applies. For example, uploading an email list of your existing customers (that have already granted permission to receive your email), or simply sending out your company newsletter to people that have signed up to receive it. Veretekk provides a full featured email publishing system, including an intuitive HTML editor for designing professional email templates. Each email you send out also gets published on its own URL, which can be used for SEO campaigns or simply archive purposes.

Create your own signup forms! With Veretekk's portable group form code, you can quickly and easily place code into your own websites, allowing visitors to signup for more information, request your newsletter, etc. When they do, the verification system will email them and when they click the link, they are added to your lead database and available throughout the rest of the system for use with any of the Lead Management tools.