SEESAN's VereBlog Feed This RSS feed is published by SEESAN. (c) 2007-2015,, Inc. All rights reserved. NetworkMarketing|Leads|emailMarketing /blog/homebasedonlinebiz/networkmarketingleadsemailmarketing <font color="#CC0000"><strong> <h2>Can Your Network Marketing Business Bring Sufficient Income?</h2> </strong></font> <strong>Network marketing business is a wonderful business model to make you rich. </strong>The compensation plan of the merchant company will be the prime criteria for success. If the company is providing great usable products and the income opportunity for the distributors is attractive, it is only a matter of your ability to recruit other distributors under you. It is like having so many outlets of your business all over the world. <p> <strong>A good company will make available to the distributors the opportunity </strong>to earn money from multiple different schemes like Volume Bonuses, Price Gap, Leadership Bonuses, etc. Price gap allows you to earn profit resulting from selling products of the company. As a distributor or representative, you can buy products at a discounted price, and you can turn around and sell the products to customer certain percentage of gain- say 10% margin. This of course let you keep the difference. This income from price gap won&#8217;t give you sufficient boost to make your earnings at a high level. I mean income from just this is not enough for you to get going and survive. Only because there won't be enough volume of sales activity by doing this way. It will take long time of doing this, before you see any solid earnings.</p> <p> <strong>The ideal thing to do is spend more time and effort in growing your team of distributers</strong> under you and let them branch out do the same thing. In other words create a huge working force of distributors. Train them, and give them tools so they can grow their team. The reason you came into business of network marketing is to earn a good income so you can put food on your dinner table, so your priority task is to expand and grow your team.</p> <p> <strong>This process, growing your team and their sales volume can create big difference </strong>in you earning power month after month. Take steps to persuade your team members to stay on and a good do job, so they can benefit from their groups volume and in turn it will help you too. Once you reached a stage where you have pretty good work force in your team, then you will start see the real money starts come in. You will be on your way to get &#8220;rich&#8221;. When you perform well and your team members perform well additional bonuses start to materialize. So now you see the ray of hope. The secret of network marketing success is developing your team. By doing that, your pay check can bigger, their earnings can increase. Repeat this process, increase the agents under you and them, and that will help you earn more.</p> <p> <strong>One important piece of information worth mentioning is that, </strong>don&#8217;t forget to train your team members, help them to train their down line members to do the same, means grow their team by recruiting more member distributors. This makes an upward chain reaction in your earnings. At this point the possibility of earning a six figure income is not out of reach.<p> Conducting house parties and handing out brochures have no place in this day in age. Do not waste your time trying to recruit your friends and relatives. Don&#8217;t spoil your relationship with them. Instead produce your own business leads using internet. Do your marketing efforts so the leads come to you rather than you going after your friends and family members.</p> <p> Gather the leads and start contacting them by phone or email, and provide them information so they can make a decision whether they want to join your team or not. For this purpose, having a powerful automated marketing system with lead generation capability will be a wise investment.</p> <p> <strong>For more information Visit:</strong> <br /> <a href="" target="blank"><font color="#000099"><strong>Home Based Business</strong></font></a> | <a href="" target="blank"><font color="#000099"><strong>Business Leads</strong></font></a> | <a href="" target="blank"><font color="#000099" size=""><strong>E-mail marketing system</strong></font></a></p> <p> </p> <hr /> <center>Seesan | CEO, Seesan and Associates, LLC | 501-640-5805 | Skype: seesan1 <hr /> <hr /> </center> Sat, 30 Jun 2012 07:21:19 -0600 Your Online Business: First Things First! /blog/homebasedonlinebiz/your-online-business-first-things-first <H2><A HREF=""target=blank><FONT COLOR="#CC0000"><strong>Are You Planning To Start An Online Business?</strong></FONT></H2></A> The best part of starting an online business and having the potential to earn money online is the fact that<BR> that doesn&#8217;t require much money initially. On the other hand in case of a business that is<BR> &#8220;brick and mortar&#8221; model, the investment and monthly expenses required may put an ordinary entrepreneur <BR> out of reach even to start. <P> In all of the business that exist, a service business is particularly easy to start and financially affordable. <BR> Every business that in existence has experienced their share of failure-episodes, before they started seeing <BR> progress and profit. Don&#8217;t get the wrong impression that the successful<A HREF=""target=blank> online businesses</A> you see out there <BR> had a wonderful smooth journey along the way. <P> The important point that any person who plan to start an online business is be clever first to do your research<BR> and expect to spend long hours and do hard work even for a couple of years especially during the initial stages<BR> of your new business. <P> No matter if you have money to invest or not, the important issue is not that. If you want success, don&#8217;t dive into<BR> any business at your first sight; take your time to get all the questions answered. This could be accomplished by<BR> asking questions to, or interviewing, people who are experts in the field. Or do your research by your own. <BR> There are so many good information on the internet from where you can gather needed data to help you make decisions.<P> The part of your research should include what other businesses similar to yours are out there? Who your competition<BR> will be? And what are your target groups you should be marketing to?<P> From doing your research, have a written business plan, a marketing plan and a sales plan in place, you will be <BR> more educated and become confident--- then only you take the steps to embark on your new <A HREF=""target=blank>online business</A>! <P> For any business to become successful, the first and foremost quality you should have is that you have to have a<BR> belief that you can steer your business to success&#8230;that you won&#8217;t give up easy. Be practical and accept that for a<BR> long time you will be working long hours without receiving any monetary remuneration. You should be willing to work<BR> for with no salary during at least in your introductory period, which can be long or short.<P> <HR> Seesan | CEO, <A HREF=""target=blank>Seesan and Associates, LLC</A> | ph:1-501-640-5805 | skype: seesan1<P> <A HREF=""target=blank><img src=""target=blank alt="" /></a></A><P> <HR> <CENTER><a href=""target=blank><FONT SIZE="" COLOR="#996600">SubmitYourLIink</FONT></a> &nbsp;| <a href=" "target=blank><FONT COLOR="#996600">WebConferanceRoom</FONT> </a>&nbsp; | <a href=""target=blank><FONT COLOR="#996600">FreeBizLeads</FONT></a>&nbsp;|<a href=""target=blank><FONT COLOR="#996600">SubmitFreeAds</FONT></a>&nbsp;| <a href=""target=blank><FONT COLOR="#996600">Hosting</FONT></A>&nbsp;| <a href=""target=blank><FONT SIZE="" COLOR="#996600">Free Classifieds</FONT></a> &nbsp; <center> <HR> <HR> Tue, 26 Jun 2012 21:09:10 -0600 SEO by Veretekk Internet Marketing System /blog/homebasedonlinebiz/seo-by-veretekk-internet-marketing-system <H2><strong><FONT SIZE="" COLOR="#CC0000"><A HREF=""target=blank>WHAT CAN VERETEKK V.2 GOLD SYSTEM DO FOR YOU?</A></FONT></strong></H2> <strong>This is a complete turn-key marketing system </strong>that is fully automated, saving you all the frustration normally associated with online marketing. All you have to do is advertise your websites to the constantly increasing flow of leads! The system does virtually everything else for you, allowing you to build a massive sphere of influence!<P> For lead generation Veretekk uses hundreds of websites (traffic portals) that offer free services to visitors of the sites, in exchange for their contact information. These traffic portals are linked directly to your Veretekk system. A large selection of traffic portals available from over 500 unique domains and subdomains, giving you the ability to create highly targeted leads, utilizing such technologies such as search engines, direct email and submission services to a greater advantage than found anywhere else. Each traffic portal offers something of value for free to the online user in exchange for contact information. The visitor at the traffic portal must give a valid email address in order to get their free offer &#8230; it&#8217;s 100% cheat proof! <P> <FONT SIZE="" COLOR="#CC0000"><H4><strong>Here is some of the the free Veretekk services that you are able to offer in order to accumulate leads:</strong></H4></FONT> &#8226; Free Pro FFA<A HREF=""target=blank> lead systems</A><BR> &#8226; Free search engine <A HREF=""target=blank>submission</A><BR> &#8226; Free<A HREF=""target=blank> vacation coupons</A><BR> &#8226; Free <A HREF=""target=blank>software</A><BR> &#8226; Free <A HREF=""target=blank>websites</A><BR> &#8226; Free customized <A HREF=""target=blank>eBooks</A> &#8226; Free self-replicating <A HREF=""target=blank>search engine</A><BR> &#8226; Free<A HREF=""target=blank> link submissions</A><BR> &#8226; Free <A HREF=""target=blank>classified ad</A> submissions<BR> &#8226; Free <A HREF=""target=blank>daily message data base</A> builder<BR> &#8226; Free self-replicating<A HREF=""target=blank> web directory</A><P> Click on the link here to find out more about the real <A HREF=""target=blank><strong><FONT COLOR="#CC0000">Automated Marketing System</FONT></strong></A> on the Internet. <P> &#8230;&#8230;.<FONT COLOR="#FF0000"><U><strong>start your journey</strong></U></FONT> with Veretekk by submitting your sign up<BR> form for a free Veretekk Silver System, to start out. <BR> &nbsp;Then upgrade to GOLD Membership. Click below to acces the sing up site:<BR> <DIV align=center style="padding:3px; width:380px;border:1px solid #7B795B"><SPAN style="font-family:arial; font-size:12px"> <A style="text-decoration: none; color:#7B795B" href="" target=new_win><IMG src="" border=0><BR><FONT SIZE="" COLOR="#FF0000">CLICK Here to sign up</strong></FONT><BR> </A></DIV> Or you can<A HREF=""target=blank> <FONT SIZE="" COLOR="#0000CC"><strong>CLICK HERE</strong></FONT></A> to sign up<P> &#8230;&#8230;<FONT COLOR="#FF0000"><strong>if you are already a Silver member,</strong></FONT> you can use your existing account <BR> and then upgrade to Gold membership. <P> This system will take your business to the top.<BR> Wish you the best!<BR><BR> <HR> Seesan Ed | posted for CEO, Seesan and Associates, LLC | Internet Marketing Professionals | <strong><a href="" target="blank">HomeBasedOnlineBiz</a></strong> | phone: 1+501-640-5805 | skype: seesan1 <HR> <CENTER>/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// </CENTER><HR> Sat, 23 Jun 2012 00:27:51 -0600 Secrets of Becoming Successful Internet Marketer /blog/homebasedonlinebiz/secrets-of-becoming-successful-internet-marketer <FONT SIZE="" COLOR="#CC0000"><H1><CENTER>Internet Marketing: Needed Qualities For Success</CENTER></H1></FONT> <B>Successful <A HREF=""target=blank>Internet Marketing entrepreneurs</A> don't become successful overnight nor do they do that because they got lucky.</B> They know exact methods to follow to become successful marketer. These skillful methods are very important and valuable, so be prepared to learn the correct techniques and implementation methods by yourself. Then only you will succeed in your own Internet business. <P> <B>Later in this report I will go over some uniqueness of the<A HREF=""target=blank> internet marketin</A>g entrepreneurs so you can learn them</B> and use them hoping you will do a good job and to your advantage and become an Internet successful internet marketer yourself. Just knowing what they are is not good enough. Also, obtaining the proper tools and use them consistently in your daily marketing efforts are equally important.<P> <I><B>What are some good characteristics of <A HREF=""target=blank>successful internet marketer</A>?</B></I><P> <B>1). They are who haven't given up so soon. We are seeing the pattern that so many internet marketers give up soon</B> after their first promotion. To become successful in<A HREF=""target=blank> internet marketing</A>, you need to work hard. An astonishing number of attempts and hard work before they see a little profit leads many withdraw from the internet marketing game plan almost immediately. Online marketing is not easy. People soon come to the reality that the internet is not a place from where you to get income to start flowing in. Internet marketing requires commitment and hard work and can quickly become overwhelming. Smart internet marketers make sure to develop ‘staying power’. If you can do that <A HREF=""target=blank>internet marketing </A>is a great way to establish a <A HREF=""target=blank>lucrative online business</A>.<P> <B>2). An Internet marketer should first of all have to acknowledge that a proven marketing strategy should be the important foundation</B> of any marketing plan. As in any great project, it is critical to have a plan right at the beginning; you should have a marketing strategy. Jumping into decisions and applying wrong <A HREF=""target=blank>marketing techniques</A> won't be wise. For example, we don't have to use old fashioned advertising campaigns any more. We have different and better choices now. For example, advertising on the net. You would have wasted valuable time and money if you used behind-the-time techniques without first strategizing about the state of the market now available.<P> <B>3). <A HREF=""target=blank>Internet marketers</A> should not be without being specialized in their field.</B> They are to focus on marketing and selling their products and services to specific audience so called niche markets. We are already seeing new trend- market changing direction to niche market. One reason for this is customers now have more choices regarding where they can buy their products. They are not any more limited to a small number of merchants.<P> <B>4). An internet marketer should be quick on their mind and feet so they can grab untouched and available other markets.</B> Conduct planning sessions with your professional experts and seek for prospective clients who have not been able to have seen or experienced your products and services in the past. If the new market you are trying to enter hasn't been exploited by others, you are in better position because you don’t have to deal with competitors. This helps you keep the marketing costs in check. These new markets will be a heaven and you will be able to establish a better customer relationship with them. <P> <B>5). Having an <A HREF=""target=blank>affiliate program</A> for your products and services will be a wise strategy</B> and considered crucial in order to reach the goal of internet marketing success in these days. Affiliates do their own marketing, so you have selling agents that do the selling for you. This allows your products and services exposed to more customers. You should have polices and strategies in place to support these affiliates. It gives a diversification effect for your business so you are bringing in business and income through many different areas. Don't depend on only one profit center.<P> <B>6). Automation is one of the key elements for expediting your <A HREF=""target=blank>internet marketing success</A></B>. Try to automate as many services as possible. Conduct your research and try to find a powerful<A HREF=""target=blank> internet automated marketing system</A>. This will do the trick that you always wanted. That is, this will allow you to market and sell products and services 24 hours a day 7 days a week online. Automate your affiliate programs and administrative functions as well as marketing efforts. Customers at all hours of the day and night should be able to access your online order form and submit their orders from their home or office.<P> <B>7) Your business should not be always depending on just "you". </B>Find ways to establish a system and set up your business so that you are replaceable. If not, your lousy system will not allow you to take a break because you have to make every decision in the business and you will be tied up in your business almost all the time. Would that be fun?<P> <B>8). Don't get trapped into working in the old fashioned way. By that what I mean is "Avoid working alone". </B>The more efficient and essential to obtain better position for business and survival is to build a team to support your business venture. Make sure you have a group of professional experts and advisers are available when you need them. Create a team of <A HREF=""target=blank>marketing</A>, team for business and administrative functions, a mentor and accountability individuals. Bear in mind, to have two or more heads rather than one; this is to be able to discuss ideas and strategies before you spend time and money in your business ideas.<P> <B>9). Do not get into the habit of yo-yo marketer. Continually changing between business plans and strategies</B> is not a smart move at all. Give one particular strategy a chance to prosper. Come up with a plan for you to do the testing, and some more testing with your planned marketing process, your business strategy and theory. Give them a chance and then, only then, decide whether what doesn’t work for your <A HREF=""target=blank>internet marketing</A> ventures<P> Successful Internet marketers must have strong beliefs and confidence in their products and services, in your company and market and most importantly, in yourself. He/She should have self confidence and believes in their product. They are the captain of their ship, so they are to be able to make decisions quickly. <B>They should have learned the correct information and modeled others that have proven success.</B> <P> <A HREF=""target=blank>Successful internet marketer</A> should not be afraid to make a mistake. They should be able to think and make decisions quickly, hoping that will be a right one. One of the most vital qualities of successful Internet marketer is persevere and never give up no matter what obstacles cross their path. Successful entrepreneurship is the result persistence. Not giving up. You must content with anything before you, no matter what it is. The ability to persevere is what determines success in your internet marketer role. <B>You failure and success is determined by the quality you possess in running your <A HREF=""target=blank>internet marketing</A> business.</B><P> <IFRAME src=" Get A Free <BR>Internet Marketing e-Book &background-color=ffffff&font=arial&font-color=000000&input-background=D6D6D3&input-font-color=000000" FRAMEBORDER=NO WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=190></IFRAME> <HR> This post is provided by <A HREF=""target=blank><B>Seesan Ed</B></A> of Seesan and Associates, LLC <HR> <HR> <CENTER>***********************************************************************************************************</CENTER> Mon, 30 Apr 2012 08:00:26 -0600 Veretekk | Blastomatic Tool /blog/homebasedonlinebiz/veretekk--blastomatic-tool <FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#CC0000"><A HREF=""target=blank>Blastomatic by Veretekk Is A Fundamental Online Marketing Tool</A></FONT><P><P> <strong>%%name%%,</strong><BR> <A HREF=""target=blank>Blastomatic Is A Free Ad Submission Tool</A>, which is effective and allows you to submit 12 million ads<BR> to all the major free classified sites, link sites, and boards across the internet. Your submissions create <BR> BackLinks to your website. The more WebPages you have linked to your site, the better the chances are<BR> that you will be ranked higher in the search engines. Make sure your WebPages have proper Meta Tags, <BR> Titles, Descriptions, Keywords and Content. Not only these, but you need to have others linked to your<BR> webpage, as well, in order to achieve good ranking among the <A HREF=""target=blank>search engines</A>.<P> Blastomatic Tool offered by the <A HREF=""target=blank>Veretekk Marketing System</A> has gathered all<BR> of the most popular link pages and created an automated system. The popular links I am referring to is<BR> sites like AdLandPro, 1America, 5StarAds, AbleWise, ClassifiesForFree, BestMall, Links2u, FFANet, <BR> DTL Network, WebSitings. Blastomatic gives you the ability to post on them easily. A submission service <BR> by most agencies out there will cost you $250 or so. But<A HREF=""target=blank> Blastomatic is free of charge forever!</A> <P> Veretekk Internet Marketing System built Blastomatic tool. This <A HREF=""target=blank>online marketing too</A>l provides a "high-tech" <BR> service to the subscribers. Most companies charge a fee and provide an inferior service. <P> The type of leads we are looking for is Premium Leads. These are serious marketers who want the service<BR> from us and want to know more about how we are doing with this tool. <P> This is the kind we want more of. We at this beginning stage don&#8217;t want the "reverse marketing" leads. <BR> They looked at our ad and sending us an email with information about their business and what else<BR> they offer. They&#8217;re reverse marketing us. In most cases you will not find telephone number or contact<BR> info, it is impossible for us to call them or write them. They want us to go and visit their website by <BR> clicking the link provided and buy their stuff. We are not going to buy anything from anybody who is<BR> not willing to identify themselves. For me, I will not deal with this kind. <P> Repeat your ads often! Remember you ads should be within 40 characters in the headline and 25 words<BR> in the body copy, and remember to use your keywords.<BR> There are many other tools within <A HREF=""target=blank>Blastomatic</A>. <BR> You will have to experience them to get a feel of them.<P> If you haven&#8217;t already signed up on somebody's blastomatic page, you are welcome to use mine. After all, <BR> the best way for you to determine if it would work for you or not is to try it yourself and see. Click and here <BR> and sign up: <A HREF=""target=blank><FONT SIZE="" COLOR="#CC0000">MyBlastomaticToo</FONT>l</a> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</A> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;You will agree the Blastomatic speaks for itself.<P> Sincerely,<BR> <A HREF=""target=blank>Seesan </A><BR> CEO, Seesan and Associates, LLC <BR> Skype: <em>seesan1</em><BR> <HR> Sun, 22 Apr 2012 10:32:01 -0600